Art Of Noise

Two CD compilations of Art of Noise tracks have recently been released.

In 2010 a two-CD set containing 39 tracks called "Influence". A most comprehensive collection, Influence contains every single the band has released, plus a whole CD of previously unavailable recordings. The CD includes a 36-page booklet featuring an essay by Anne, extensive new liner notes and rare photos.

Before that, a four-CD compilation of early Art of Noise tracks and sounds titled "And What Have You Done With My Body, God?" The tracks were put together from 1983 to 1985 creating collages out of rhythms of everyday life. The five English characters, a producer, engineer, programmer, pianist and a theorist (after working on tracks for Frankie, Dollar, ABC, Yes and others), would spend a few hours messing with the technology, sampling their world, pushing the boundaries, deconstructing the obvious. What they produced were ideas, studio experiments, tinkerings, beats all recorded to tape. Some test-tracks went on and became records, but here all material is brought together for this release. The collection chronicles the ZTT years with comments on the music by the group in a lavish book.