The World of Jeeves & Wooster - Original Soundtrack

Track Listing

  1. Jeeves And Wooster - Theme
  2. Jeeves And Wooster Say What Ho!
  3. The Blue Room
  4. Meanwhile In Berkeley Square
  5. Barmy's Choice
  6. Nagasaki
  7. The Amateur Dictator
  8. Because My Baby Don't Mean Maybe Now
  9. Midnight In Mayfair
  10. Minnie The Moocher Is Alive And Well And Living In Berkeley Square
  11. Minnie The Moocher
  12. A Weekend In The Country
  13. Changes
  14. Fire
  15. If I Had A Talking Picture Of You
  16. Jeeves And Wooster Say Tinkerty Tonk!
  17. The Daily Grind