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ABC Lexicon of Love

Anne has been touring with ABC and the South Bank Sinfonia in a live rendition of the classic album "The Lexicon of Love".

She conducts the orchestra and marshalls the forces of 50. There have been several tours of Britain's finest concert halls in the past few years and there may well be more! The latest tour was June - July 2022. The tour in 2024 has now come to an end - 21 dates and 36,000 people on their feet! 


“It feels like 1982 all over again,” Fry smiled as the applause finally died down for Poison Arrow. “You’ve made an old man very happy.”The thing is, he didn’t seem old. He still has a mean falsetto, still finishes each line with that debonair flourish. Nor did the Sinfonia feel like an affectation. While Rod Stewart adds strings to confer sophistication in the winter of his career, this is ABC’s music as it was intended; even to the point of having Anne Dudley, who originally orchestrated The Lexicon of Love, conducting the ensemble.The encore was an encore in the classical sense: a rapturous reprise of their signature hit, The Look of Love, flowers for Dudley and proud bows from all concerned." - The Times

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