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Above Suspicion 

Anne has scored two Lynda LaPlante "Above Suspicion" adaptations:

Deadly Intent

Lynda La Plante's gripping story adapted for TV as a three parter. Following a fatal shooting in a drug dealer’s squat, the murder team quickly identify the victim as an ex-police officer. Travis (Kelly Reilly) and the team begin the task of trying to connect the presence of their ex-colleague with such squalid surroundings. A connection with a notorious drug-baron is established but because of extensive facial plastic surgery they are made fools of by the very man they are hunting.

The Red Dahlia

Another three parter, a girl has been murdered in a manner that copies a serial killer from LA in the 1940s – the body is completely drained of blood. The young detective (Kelly Reilly) is reunited with her DCI (Ciaran Hinds) and the semi-paternal relationship tinged with longing keeps the tension throughout the investigation.

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Above Suspicion Poster.jpg
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