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Black Narcissus 

Anne composed the score for this BBC adaptation where a group of nuns attempt to establish a convent high up in the Himalayas but encounter environmental and cultural differences which eventually defeat them.


Sister Clodagh finds that memories of the past which she had thought suppressed impinge upon her consciousness when she encounters a local man, the ex-pat Mr Dean. She is not the only one struggling to keep her equilibrium in the charged atmosphere.


The BBC adaptation stars Gemma Arterton, Jim Broadbent and Diana Rigg in her final role.

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Anne says "West meets East again with disastrous consequences. There is a solo cello (deep, dark and disturbing), various flutes (a musical representation of the endless winds of the mountains)  and solo voice (the ethereal and evocative soprano Amy Wood). These elements are mixed with electronics and Indian/Chinese perciussion colours. An atmosphere of repressed passion pervaded."

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