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Bright Young Things

Stephen Fry's directorial debut is an adaptation of Evelyn Waugh's novel "Vile Bodies". Set in London in the roaring twenties it follows the lives and loves of the Bright Young Things living life too fast and too furiously.

Anne adapted and arranged all the source music and provided a score that moves from light and jazzy to an altogether darker tone as the tide turns and the clouds of the Second World War descend.

Anne says: "Always a joy to work with Stephen Fry. I recorded all the "source" music as well as the score and we were determined that it should have just as much punch and drive as anything contemporary. Our starting point was the frenetic energy of Louis Armstrong's version of "Tiger Rag" which just about summed up the whole atmosphere of the period.

The score itself starts out light hearted, jazzy, non-committal, and as the film progresses becomes more emotional and involved. Solo clarinet is the featured instrument – sinuous and compelling. The introduction of the piano - right at the end brought a moment of contemporary relevance into the scenario."

Bright Young Things 1
Bright Young Things 2
Bright Young Things 3
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