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Jeeves and Wooster 

Based on the well-loved novels of P.G. Wodehouse, this series, featuring Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie, chronicles the misadventures (romantic and otherwise) of the impeccably dressed Bertie Wooster and his trusty and sagacious butler, Jeeves. Peppered with sparkling dialogue, dim-witted and eccentric characters, it has all the ingredients for a highly entertaining series.


Anne scored all twenty three episodes, building a creative and fruitful relationship with both the producer Brian Eastman and Stephen Fry.

Anne says: "Attempting to avoid the obvious, Bertie Wooster has a minor key theme - albeit with many variations and permutations. My favourite variation was the English pastoral style that it acquired on a bright country morning as Jeeves serves breakfast in a cowshed. The opening bass voices and solo violin coupled with a stunning animated title sequence aimed to transport the audience instantly to the world of 1930. As the series progressed, we became more and more ambitious with the music, at one stage writing several songs for a spoof Broadway musical ("Ask Dad") which toured America with Bertie in tow. For the American based episodes, I added a quartet of saxophones and the music became richer in its harmonies with a nod to the jazz of the period."

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