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Les Miserables

Anne was music producer on the film version of “Les Miserables". The film received an academy award for its sound. The movie was directed by Tom Hooper and is a Working Title Films and Cameron Mackintosh production. It featured Hugh Jackman in the lead role of Jean Valjean and Russell Crowe as Inspector Javert. Eddie Redmayne was Marius and Anne Hathaway was Fantine, a struggling factory worker. Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen were Mr. and Mrs. Thernardier.

Anne says: "The nature of this through-composed musical meant that pre-records and miming were out of the question. So we devised a way for the cast to sing live on set without having an orchestra sititng in the wings! A brilliant sound team enabled this to happen and then the challenge was to add the full orchestration in post production. I was delighted that this achievement was recognised with a BAFTA and Oscar win for the sound team. "

Les Miserables: The Motion Picture Soundtrack Deluxe

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