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Lucky Break 

Peter Cattaneo's second film after "The Full Monty". A group of prisoners decide to stage a musical as a front for an elaborate escape plan. The prison governor (Christopher Plummer) is asked to write "Nelson-The Musical" to be staged in an old chapel next to the prison's outer wall! Our hero Jimmy (James Nesbitt) rounds up volunteer actors and puts his escape plan into production. Cast include Timothy Spall, Bill Nighy, Lennie James and Olivia Williams.

Anne collaborated with Stephen Fry to write and produce songs for the send-up musical "Nelson". It includes such gems as "Kiss me Hardy", with the immortal line - "The world's at war and men will die, I see this clearly with one eye" 

Anne says:  "This is actually one of my favourite scores - from an unfairly overlooked film. I love the loping gait of the rhythm section, the funky banjo playing (thanks, Hugh) and Brendan's fine harmonica. The lazy, reggae-jazz feel has a retro-feel to it - in keeping with the rather sweet romanticism of the story."

Lucky Break 1
Lucky Break 2
Lucky Break 3
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