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Pushing Tin 


Nick Falzone (John Cusack) is an air traffic control freak. He "pushes tin" at a Radar Control centre. Nick works the Newark radar scopes, the busiest of them all, and he reckons to be the best. Then one day Russell Bell (Billy Bob Thornton) breezes in - a glamorous wife (Angelina Jolie) in tow. Fuelled by caffeine and machismo, a rivalry ensues The one-upmanship becomes a contest of wits and wills, where stress is the great equalizer and bravado is the lowest common denominator, a game where the winner - not the loser - could lose it all - his job, his marriage, his mind.

Anne says: "The frenetic atmosphere of the air traffic control room is conveyed with pulsing rhythms and synths. Empire magazine made it soundtrack of the month:   "(The tracks are) arresting and addictive - from the dreamy and suspenseful Turbulence to the pulsating and jazzy A Bitter Chill. After the lively opener He Pushes Tin, the intial tempos, though, are more sedate. There's the atmospheric A Restless Heart, the melancholic strings and piano of Absent Lovers and the ambient Man Of Mystery, before the lively jazz workout of Surfing The Scopes. Dudley plays all the piano and synths herself but generously makes room for the astonishing harmonica work of Brendan Power, and other instruments such as the double bass in You Never Know (Until It Happens). The digeridoo on this track Man Of Mystery and others is uncredited, however, and so may just be synthesised. The electronic stuff, however, is nicely counterpointed by a string orchestra and the whole hangs together with the sort of cool we can only hope air traffic controllers exude under pressure." "

Pushing Tin 1Anne Dudley
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