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The Boy in the Dress

The Boy in the Dress, broadcast on Boxing Day (BBC 1) is a David Walliams adaption of his book of the same name. Staring Billy Kennedy as Dennis who likes to wear fabulous dresses although he also loves playing football. Also starring Jennifer Saunders as a scatty French teacher, James Buckley as a bored PE teacher and David Walliams as a camp football referee. Kate Moss pops up magically from the cover of Vogue magazine turning Dennis into Denise. Made for children of all ages, this cross-dressing tale is light and good-natured.


Anne says: "Being set at Christmas time I wanted the score to feel magical in places and yet have a beat to drive along the action. I save the sleigh bells till the last few bars!"

The Boy In a Dress 1Anne Dudley
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The Boy In a Dress 2Anne Dudley
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