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The Full Monty
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Anne says:  "It was clear from my very first viewing that this was a seriously funny film. I wanted to avoid swamping the humor with an over-elaborate orchestra style. The score also had to fit in with the many '70s disco style songs. In the end a semi ska/reggae beat with prominent baritone sax and acoustic guitar fitted well - along with a touch of tango thrown in! It seemed to fit the slightly rough-and-ready characters of the story - you could almost imagine them playing the music themselves. I guess I got it right as I was awarded an Oscar for the score - which certainly was an honour."

Six unemployed steel workers, inspired by the Chippendale's dancers, form a male striptease act. Led by Gaz (Robert Carlyle), the women cheer them on to go for "the full monty" - total nudity.

Her rhythmic and quirky score won her an Academy award. Anne produced the final song "You can leave your hat on" (featuring Tom Jones) when, despite the odds, the lads pull it off! 

The Lunchbox has LandedAnne Dudley
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The Full MontyAnne Dudley
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