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The Tenth Kingdom

A 10 hour fantasy saga of a father and daughter caught in a parallel universe where familiar fairytales are frighteningly real. In their adventure in the Land of Nine Kingdoms  they meet the evil Queen who has escaped from the Snow White Memorial Prison. They are helped by a handsome, sardonic and confused wolfman, who has pledged allegiance to the Queen but falls in love with Virginia. Naturally he has to tame the beast within to win her heart.

Anne composed the soundtrack for this TV series.  

Tenth Kingdom 2.jpg

Anne says: "An epic TV series combining the world we know with a world where fairy tales are real and frightening – wicked stepmothers and hideous trolls can do you a lot of damage. There were many opportunities for themes to represent characters and situations. I was especially pleased with the gypsy violins! I combined synths with a large orchestra in an attempt to create a "magical" world."

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